Age Spans™ Life Quality Consulting is a wellness partnership of professionals that are passionate about proactive health strategies.  

       Through proven techniques and standardized practices, Age Spans™ improves the health of its clients, reducing their future health care costs.  Age Spans™ does this through a total system approach that quantifies your state of health, called TREAD™.         

       Through understanding and restoring the whole system, improvements in health and quality of life are exponential. These same improvements can stop the financial drain that sickness can cause for  an individuals, families, companies, and communities. 

Age Spans™ offers consulting services to help you improve your quality of life.  We created the TREAD System™ , which is an efficient way of putting the vast amount of information available on wellness into an organized, easy-to-use system that can help individuals and businesses improve health and prevent illness and injury in order to reduce their health care costs, and help healthcare providers improve their patient outcomes.

How does it work?  First, we test functional markers to assess your injury risk, assess your disease risk, and assess your function compared to other people your age.  We then assess your individual biomechanics to see what, if anything, is driving your increased injury and illness risk.  Next, we restore your biomechanics and abnormal movement patterns, and create an exercise program that will improve your movement quality and strength efficiently and effectively.  We advance your program in a skilled and specific manner, then track your progress through regular check ups to make sure you are going in the right direction!

Check out our Individual Services to see how we can help you today!

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