Individual Services

Health Coaching:  Fitness Physical (described below)  with follow ups at one month, three months, and six months from initial testing to adjust program for your success. $300

Injury Prediction Screening
: A series of tests with predictive value to determine if you are high risk for injury.
                                    Group Rate (4 or more)            Individual Rate
     3 Tests                    $35                                                 $50
     5 Tests                    $50                                                 $75

Fitness Physical:  This evaluation consists of standardized cardiovascular tests with blood pressure monitoring, standardized balance testing, and screening for range of motion and functional strength deficits.  The results  place you in a percentile compared to your age-matched peers, determine cardiovascular risk, estimate oxygen consumption, assess fall risk, and give you an exercise program that you can perform anywhere.  $150

Biomechanical Wellness Exam
:  This is a head to toe biomechanical assessment that lasts two hours, and includes a 30 minute follow up appointment to go over the report.  Range of motion, flexibility, strength, and accessory joint mobility, posture, and gait are assessed.  This is ideal for those who want to see where they are at risk for developing musculoskeletal problems, or those that have had a chronic problem that has not had resolution.

Bike Fitting:  Certified by BikeFit (, this is a multi-angle assessment of your alignment on your bike, adjusting both you and your bike to maximize comfort and power.  Session lasts between 2 and 3 hours. 

Golf Program: This consists of five, one hour visits.  The first visit consists of a biomechanical evaluation specific to the range of motion, flexibility, strength, and accessory joint mobility needed for golf.   Your golf swing will be videotaped and analyzed between the first and second visits.  Manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, and movement re-education to maximize the potential of your golf swing take place over the following visits.  A post-treatment video analysis is done as well.  $500

Digitized Movement Analysis:  Running or walking is analyzed at the 5 phases of stance and the 4 phases of swing from at least 5 views. You will be evaluated for range of motion, functional strength, and flexibility, and videotaped in a one hour session.  A 30 minute follow up will be scheduled at a later date. $300

Custom Orthotics:  Detailed measurements of your feet are taken and plaster casts of your feet are created.  Visit lasts one hour, and includes a follow-up appointment for fitting.  $300 (additional fees may apply to specialized features)

Sportsmetrics™:   Developed by the Cincinnati Institute of Sports Medicine, Sportsmetrics is a jump-trainign program that has supporting research that it reduces the rate of knee injuries, particularly in high school and college aged females.  Call for pricing.

Joint Specific Evaluation and Treatment:  This is an evaluation that focuses on a specific area of the body.  Surrounding areas are also assessed, but it is not as complete as the Biomechanical Wellness Exam.

Corporate Wellness:  Get objective, predictive data for injury risk assessment on your employees. Consulting to evaluate current wellness programs and implement evidence based programs to reduce injury and illness.


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