"Professional football is a results-oriented business.  The results depend on my ability to function at the highest level.  With Melanie, I get immediate and lasting improvement that allows me to play at my best." -David Thomas, Tight End, New Orleans Saints

"Go see Melanie! She's not ya mama's physical therapist!' ----this is what I've been telling clients, friends and family since my first appointment with Melanie Weller.

Melanie's approach to the body, her comprehensive understanding of how all the systems of the body work together, and her ability to take all of this information and apply it to each client's specific needs, really set her apart from others in her field .

Melanie is able to look at each client's physical structure, and through testing and discussion, understand the events that got that person into the shape they currently find themselves--- and then the fun begins! Her hands on work, innovative techniques and "homework" get her clients moving to feel better in their bodies immediately, as well as building towards  healthier whole selves for the future.

She's on the journey to whole body health, and her practice can take anyone along who is ready and willing to participate.

Go see Melanie! It's an experience well worth the price of admission."

- Lara Lester. Licensed Massage Therapist

"In a relatively short period of time, the physical therapy program  designed and implemented by Melanie Weller  has been effective in decreasing my lower back pain, and has significantly increased my mobility." Bob Bruce, PhD

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